The Frederick/Carroll County Renewable Waste-to-Energy Project

The Frederick/Carroll County Renewable Waste-to-Energy Project

Wheelabrator Technologies is partnering with the Northeast Maryland Waste Disposal Authority (NEA) to develop a clean, renewable waste-to-energy facility to serve as a long-term, stable economic solution for the solid waste disposal and renewable energy needs of the Frederick County, Maryland region.

The Frederick/Carroll County Renewable Waste-to-Energy Facility will be designed to process an average of 1,500 tons per day of post-recycled solid waste and generate approximately 51 megawatts of electricity, providing enough energy to power an estimated 45,000 homes.

The project will reduce taxpayer costs associated with long-haul transport of waste that is not recycled, provide the counties with new green power and assist Maryland in achieving its energy goals as a state-classified Tier 1 renewable energy source.

Located at Frederick County’s McKinney Industrial Park, the facility will be financed and owned by the NEA, which currently owns and operates two waste-to-energy facilities in Maryland. Wheelabrator was selected by the NEA to design, permit, construct and operate the facility. Whiting-Turner will serve as Wheelabrator’s Construction Manager on the project. 

The project is now in the state permitting process and construction is slated to begin in 2015. The facility will bring more than $260 million in new economic activity to the region during the 2.5-year construction phase, including an estimated 1,600 private sector jobs (600 full-time equivalent on-site construction jobs and an additional 1,000 jobs in supporting industries). The project will also bring $12 million in annual economic activity to the region during the 20-30-year operations period, including an estimated 80 new permanent jobs (50 full-time jobs at the facility and more than 30 jobs in supporting businesses).

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